Dating ithaca ny

» Syracuse's best restaurants for a first date According to USA Today, Pew recently found a record number of Americans 25 and older have never been married: 20 percent.

However, more than half of those bachelors and bachelorettes do want to get married.

Utica and Albany both tied for second-best for single women, with 120 unattached men for every 100 bachelorettes.

In Syracuse, the numbers are slightly more even, with 115 unattached men for every 100 women -- which works out to 87 single ladies for every 100 men.

My family and friends think I'm crazy to want to move across the country to a freezing little university town, by myself.

Now, I'm 38, single no kids and want to return to graduate school to finish my Ph D.

Honestly I can't stand Los Angeles anymore and am ready to escape.

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Good news, single ladies -- if you're looking for a date with a man, the odds are in your favor in Upstate New York. Just three cities in the study were found to have an even number of single men and women in that age range: Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Decatur, Illinois; and Nashville, Tennessee.