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Hopefully, by the time you’re finished reading it, you will feel comfortable talking the talk and walking the walk on any of the big 5 networks.

Let’s get started: Profile – A personal page created for individual use.

This blog is about my recent personal experience of interviewing for Facebook’s Product Design Internship.

Of all the different companies I’ve interviewed with so far, I decided to write about Facebook.

If you don't ever engage machine learning it won't pick it up at all as far as I could tell as it always fell back to the default in spite of literally sending an exact string match to the "user says" field.

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@Svetlana - do you know when this fix might get integrated back into

At the moment we are the facing the same issue - which means when we create a list of options which display in with the generic FB template is unable to handle the user input when the click a button. Postbacks now supported on our server side and also on open source bot (thanks to @Josh_Wolf). Wonder if someone can assist here - I'm trying to use postback buttons in facebook templates (support was added back in July I think by x Vir, thanks Josh!

Post Clicks – The number of people who clicked on anything in your post.

This could include someone clicking on an image with a “see more” call to action or a URL you included.