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and it doesn’t matter what the age is when they move out….One of the more unique Malagasy traditions revolves around “engagement and marriage”.If you want to bring your Zambian spouse or partner to live in Canada, you must then file a sponsorship application for them to become a permanent resident.

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Also be aware that even within one country, because of unique tribal practices, one tradition does not necessarily fit all.

The use of the mantilla (a form of headdress) as an everyday accessory goes back to the XVII century, but the custom has been lost and the mantilla is now sometimes worn by older generations as part of a costume or in religious ceremonies.

However, the mantilla is making a comeback in modern times as part of a young bride's wedding attire: brides who want a traditional wedding are opting to wear the traditional lace mantilla instead of a (unity coins), which represent his commitment to support her.

Spanish weddings do not include bridesmaids or groomsmen.

The couple stands together at the altar with no one else in attendance. Also, the groom's mother accompanies him down the aisle.