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Once you’ve chatted a couple of times, the whole thing becomes easier Suddenly, you’ve got people out there who know you and you’ve also learned which are the best ways to kick-start a conversation.

Let’s have a look at some useful chatting tips that’ll help you out, whether you’re a newbie or a regular motor-mouth.

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If a moderator is not present in the chat-box or has taken too long to fixed the problem; you can simply contact support by using this In most cases you should just wait for your ban to be lifted by either a Mod or an Admin.

I want to create a chatbox for an obscure language found in Google Translate. I'm familiar with Java Script but am willing to use any other language.

Just enter your username, birthdate, and sex to start chatting.

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For first-time users, chatting to people you don’t know can be a little daunting, but remember that even the most seasoned chatters had to go through their first time as well.

cyber bully anyone in chat or anywhere on the site not limited to chatango, and the chat box, doing so, (with the proper proof) , will result in being banned and the ability to earn goldins and crowns will be taken away permanently.

Chatandgames was created for everyone to have fun, not to be harrassed, and we wont tolerate cyber bullying.

Either way, we compiled the best chatting tips for you here on this page.

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