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This page is intended to provide useful information not necessarily covered in the official FAQ or the first post of the new player forum thread. There are seven character classes in Path of Exile - the Marauder, the Ranger, the Witch, the Duelist, the Templar, the Shadow and the Scion.

Global chat tends to see the same questions repeated, so feel free to direct people here and add questions/answers of your own. ) The Path of Exile subreddit also has a list of useful guides and resources here. These classes represent the attributes of strength, dexterity, intelligence, a strength/dexterity hybrid, strength/intelligence, a dexterity/intelligence hybrid, and a generalist respectively.

Our three attributes are strength, dexterity and intelligence.

Path of Exile's character classes, items, monsters and skills (both active and passive) are designed around being aligned with some ratio of these attributes.

While going about working on 99 Slayer, I was growing a bit tired and started doing Evil Trees and Crashed Stars daily. Combat isn't really that fun for me; I've got a skiller's heart.

So since I was growing tired of Slayer/Combat and I wanted a Hardcore Ironman account, I made this account P. I'm a guy irl XD (click his name to see his G&A thread), inspired me in this account creation.

He mentioned that he was quite into the Drum & Bass genre and I mentioned the Hardcore genre since they seem very similar sometimes .

So I was having a conversation regarding Electronic sub-genres with a friend of mine a couple days ago and the topics of Hardcore as well as Drum & Bass came up.In the Terraria 3 Hardcore after show, it is revealed that all participants who were killed are kept in the dark about the events of the playthrough after their death.The players on the quest are always displayed on the bottom on the video screen utilizing a headshot of them.The point of view changes often between the players, especially when the group splits up to finish certain objectives in order to move forward in their quests.The player, whose viewpoint is currently being observed during the video has a white video recorder icon over their headshot.