Dating a pornstar

The lady-daters sit at rows of plush zebra-print chairs, looking like they are awaiting pedicures rather than sexual advances from balding men. The dating moves quickly; each guy gets two minutes before the next rotates in.Two men in a row don’t say anything after Joanna’s porn star spiel.The 32-year-old former Rutgers student has dated in and out of the adult industry -- full disclosure, her last 6-year relationship was with James Deen, and now look who she's on a date with!-- but she had some tips for those "civilians" trying to impress a sex goddess.Angel was at her booth at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas, wearing a getup of lace, stripes and metal, and sporting a splash of red in her jet-black hair. I wanted to document the date so that you, my beloved readers, would have a better chance at scoring that goodnight kiss should you ever date an adult entertainer. It's possible she was using me for a little publicity (I like to think not! Nevertheless, I had successfully initiated a date with an A-list porn star -- of Burning fame.

The alternative porn star, who is dedicated to de-stigmatizing the sex worker profession, goes on to reveal: 'The hardest boundary I've had to confront in my romantic relationships is the line between authentic desire in my work, and the "it's just work" defense.' She says that after nearly 10 years in the sex industry, she's finally realized that she needs a partner who can accept the fact that she may get turned on by the people she's having sex with on camera.'Now I'm fortunate enough to have relationships where my partners are my cheerleaders,' she shares.

"Fine I'll study like a good little kid."Alec chuckled and ruffled his hair earning a punch to the arm and a glare.

He smiled innocently and headed for the door getting his keys.

Angel slipped out of her stripes and into something more comfortable: a pair of high-heels she called her "Vegas Sneakers," a pretty black skirt and a peacoat.

On the short walk to KISS Mini Golf, I had a million questions for her.