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It’s certainly better than prurient queries on my masturbation habits or personal health history, but it’s definitely not something I enjoy hearing, either.I think it’s understandable for people who are going through a shitty phase in their love life to wish that the thing currently causing them pain was magically *poof*, gone from existence.Having hope and faith thjat you will fing that perfect person is the best thing you could do for need to wait for the love to come to you and not go out and seek for it. The whole dating thing as a teenager in high school is really big. There are several high school sweathearts out in the world today.These couples range from the ages of 100-15 years old.High school sweathearts are cute and its really cool to have been a highschool sweatheart at your 10 and 20 and 30 and 40 year high school reunion.

There are many different kinds of couples out there to day and all have there different love stories.It is not the end of the world, but even as you speak to your parents they will be interested to know what plans which I am sure will ease their disappointment.Whatever the case, always remember that sometimes life takes unexpected turns, and we can only do our best to deal with the situations head-on as they arise.However, my parents are very strict and they always tell me not have sex with anyone until I’m married. I am sure this is what your parents were trying to protect you from as well as exposure to disease especially in this era of HIV and AIDS.An unexpected pregnancy is difficult to deal with but you need to sit your parents down and explain your situation although they may be disappointed or angry; eventually they will have to support you.