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century AD, which they extracted from papyri used to create an Egyptian mummy mask, Live Science reports.

While the death masks of pharaohs and elite members of society were made from gold, the masks created for ordinary citizens were made with linen or discarded texts on papyrus.

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According to Craig Evans, a professor of New Testament studies at Acadia Divinity College in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, the Gospel text was dated to before 90 AD through a combination of carbon-14 dating, an analysis of the handwriting, and studying the other documents found plastered together in the same mask.

Many layers of papyri were moistened, shaped into a mask, plastered, dried, and then painted.

Sometimes, up to 150 papyri fragments were used in the creation of a single mask.

Since this gospel text would be unlikely to have reached Egypt before c.

100 CE The papyrus is written on both sides and hence must be from a codex, a sewn and folded book, not a scroll, roll or isolated sheet; and the surviving portion also includes part of the top and inner margins of the page.