Abledating abk soft com

Download the Java Script/DHTML applet for free and configure it with the online visual builder.

Code Rip is a source code viewer that extracts the Html code from any web page, including pages protected by no-right-click scripts.

ABK is a software developer that creates scripts for social networking and dating software.

The company has been offering products to the general public since 2001 and they have 40 specialists.

Protection against nulled and cracked Able Dating warez dezended versions with IP manual checking.The company has different programs on their website such as Chameleon, Able Dating, Oryx, Able Space, MIXER!!, Tube Creator, Business Space, Pictaca, and 3DCity.You can directly download the scripts from the website and begin using them immediately.The only dating and community script in the world with AJAX, 3D Chat, and FLASH games!