Books about dating violence

WHAT IF YOUR PARTNER IS ABUSING YOU AND YOU WANT OUT? Do not let him or her in your home or car when you are alone.

Tell your parents, a friend, a counselor a clergyman, or someone else whom you trust and who can help. Avoid being alone at school, your job, on the way to and from places.

If you answer yes to any of these questions you could be a victim of dating abuse.

Dating violence or abuse affects one in ten teen couples. It’s yelling, threatening, name-calling, saying, “I’ll kill myself if you leave me,” obsessive phone calling, and extreme possessiveness.

She's bringing awareness to dating violence and sharing what happened to her—and why she doesn't want other women to go through the same thing.

Abuse can show up in all forms—from physical to emotional to verbal —and a new one she admits she never even thought about was .

Assaults by romantic partners often aren't isolated events.But she does know the torment that comes from an abusive relationship, and her experience was actually with a friend.Because of what she's been though, Debby decided to partner with Mary Kay and Love Is Respect for their "Don't Look Away" campaign.The clean slate is helping her open up, and she decided to let her fans in on a very personal struggle close to home: dating violence.Don't worry—she told us her relationship with Josh Dun, the drummer from Twenty One Pilots, couldn't have been any more perfect before things ended.